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Infrastructure & Facilities

World Class manufacturing

Apart from producing more than 10,000 shades in colour and black-&-white masterbatches, it produces speciality additive masterbatches and a proven range of mono-pigment concentrates too. The company has two separate units for producing coloured and black masterbatches, with multiple lines dedicated for each colour.

But all our products have ONE thing in common – they are made using the best raw materials from leading manufacturers across the world.

Our masterbatches are produced on advanced Twin Screw extruders with a special configuration of kneading and mixing elements that ensures absolutely uniform dispersion of pigments and additives within a given polymer matrix. The extruders are armed with “loss-in-weight” feeders that facilitate flawless accuracy.

With state-of-the-art material handling infrastructure and special packaging facilities, the company ensures prompt and safe deliveries to its clients, across the globe. The multiple packaging options, all conforming to stringent international standards are designed to meet each client´s specific requirements. A continued commitment to quality and timely deliveries has made Prayag, an automatic choice as partners for all its customers.