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Research & Development

Research & Development : Driven by sharp customer focus.

Prayag R & D Lab, with sophisticated testing and analysis equipment, is instrumental in the development of customised masterbatches and compounds for specialised applications.

Equipments like twin screw extruder (laboratory model), roll mill, universal testing machine and more are used for variety of product innovations and testing tasks. Blown film extruder & Injection Moulding machine are used to facilitate simulation of actual processing of product under virtually real operating conditions.

The R & D Lab plays a key role at the formative stage of new masterbatch or compound development. Working closely to the customer´s brief on the precise product required, Prayag´s R & D team handpicks the ingredients keeping their properties in mind for the masterbatch to be created.

The painstaking effort involved in selection of pigment and accompanying ingredients is because of the profound effect it has on the final product at the client´s end.

Incorporating the precise pigment with good physical and chemical properties ensures excellent surface finish and gloss of the ultimate product. It enables ease of weighing, handling and the flexibility of infinite colour changes as and when required and it even contributes to enhanced production rates, thanks to reduced filter clogging and faster dilution / distribution due to low viscosity, non-contaminating concentrates.

Compatibilisers is another area of critical interest to Prayag´s R & D personnel. These vital ingredients are selected on the basis of the other polymers likely to be employed by the customers during processing. Acting on this advanced information, precise compatibilisers are added to the formulation to ensure that the masterbatch “harmonises” perfectly with other materials on the clients production line.